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To serve our customers with solutions to their optics requirements by exceeding their expectations, being attentive to their needs at all times and always doing the best work we possibly can.

Media Lario S.r.l. was founded in 1993 for the purpose of building the first of its kind all metal optics - grown in a chemical bath - for the XMM-Newton X-ray space telescope of the European Space Agency (ESA). The XMM-Newton was launched in December 1999 and continues operating to this day at a distance of 40,000 kilometres from the Earth. Our mirrors continue to function at full specification, with recent imaging achieving the discovery of the last 5% of unidentified Baryonic Matter in the Universe.  

Since then, our technology has been used in numerous X-ray space telescope missions, being chosen recently for the €1.5 billion ATHENA telescope, due to launch in the early 2030’s. Recently, we were also very proud to have supplied the optics which were used to take the first ever image of a black hole as part of a 50m large scale telescope in Mexico as well as a large scale telescope array in Atacama Chile. Additionally, our technology has pioneered the use of new materials for high specification optics and optical systems in satellites for Earth Observation as well as for Free Space Optical Communications.

Media Lario offices. White two story building with large Media Lario logo on the front of the building. Bright blue sky in the background.A Black Hole. Fiery orange and yellow light swirls around the black centre of a black hole.


Over the past three decades, Media Lario has earned the trust of numerous world leading space agencies, including ESA, NASA, ASI (Italy), and CAS (China) as well as leading aerospace companies including Airbus, Leonardo, and Thales Alenia Space.

Being located in northern Italy, we benefit from deep developments in metallurgical technologies as well as optics design. The concept of X-ray space telescopes was born in Italy, tracing its roots to the optical research of Galileo hundreds of years ago and to the metallurgical technologies developed in this area since the Roman times.

Looking forward, we believe that new technologies in optical design and manufacturing will be increasingly important, even mission defining, for New Space (Space 2.0) missions.  Media Lario intends to remain at the forefront by continuing to invest heavily in R&D in our areas of specialty.

Quality policy

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Our policy is to exceed the Customer expectations and to guarantee full satisfaction of the Company’s Customers, Shareholders and Personnel through:

  • Continuous improvement of the products, processes and services
  • Human and professional growth of personnel
  • Achievement of the defined targets
  • Effective and clear communication
  • Respecting both environment and workplace safety

Our Quality System is built with the participation of our Customers and Suppliers and it is focused on the improvement of the Company’s processes, on the respect of laws and regulations, and on the education, training and quality awareness of our collaborators. We are convinced that:

  • Every activity can be improved
  • Each person can be supported and trained
  • Each target should be clear and achievable
  • Each assessment should be impartial and measurable

Everyone in the Company is responsible for the implementation of this Policy, each for her or his role, starting from the CEO who has this responsibility at the highest level.

This Quality Policy is provided and explained to all employees in order to implement and maintain it at all levels in the organization. It is also part of new-hires’ training in the Quality Management System. This Policy is clearly posted throughout the Company to maintain high standards within our organization and periodically reviewed by the management in order to verify its fit to the evolving organization.

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Management Team

Smiling white man with blonde side parting and glasses, wearing a dark suit jacket and light blue shirt

Jeff Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Giovanni Bianucci

VP Sales & Marketing

Oberto Citterio

Chief Science Officer

Giuseppe Valsecchi

Chief Technical Officer

Fabio Zocchi

VP of Engineering

Board of Directors

José Achache

Chairman of the Board

Tonio Barlage


Smiling white man with blonde side parting and glasses, wearing a dark suit jacket and light blue shirt

Jeff Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

Giuseppe Valsecchi

Chief Technical Officer

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