Media Lario has been awarded a contract by NASA

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High Specification Optics and Optical Systems for Space

Media Lario’s optics and optical systems are based on unique patented manufacturing processes and expertise developed over three decades.  Our systems have been delivered to space and, quite simply, they work - first time, every time, all the time.


Experts in Optical Components & Systems

Optical Systems

Earth Observation, Optical Communications, Space Telescopes.

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Optical Components

High-Precision Glass Mirrors
and Lenses, High-Precision Metallic mirrors.

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Mirrored Panels

High-Precision in High Volume, Curved Mirrors, Mirrored and Metalic Panels.

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Custom Capabilities

Processes – electroforming, deterministic polishing and figuring, hot and cold shaping.

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Media Lario produces optical components and systems, custom-made or in high volumes for

Space Telescopes
Satellite Earth Observation Systems
Laser Optical Communications Systems

We work with leading space agencies such as the European Space Agency, NASA, and the Italian Space Agency as well as with leading industrial partners such as Airbus Defence and Space, Leonardo, and Thales Alenia Space.

Our markets

High Specification Optics Markets


Design and manufacture of mirrors for Space Telescopes.

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Earth Observation

Design and manufacture of optical systems for Earth Observation.

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Free Space Optical Comms

Manufacturing a host of products, from individual optical elements to full optical systems.

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Other Markets

Development of light-weight mirrored screens for full sized civilian and military flight simulators.

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