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Bosisio Parini - Italy, 15 July 2019

Media Lario S.r.l. announced today that the eROSITA X-ray Space Telescope has been successfully launched from site 81 of Baikonur Cosmodrome on 13 July 2019.

The eROSITA is the next step in large-scale astronomical research of the Universe and the latest in a long line of X- ray telescopes to be built with Media Lario optical technology. Previous missions include Beppo-Sax (Italian Space Agency), SWIFT (NASA, ASI) and the XMM-Newton (ESA).

Jeff Lyons, CEO of Media Lario, said, “Through the hard work of the Media Lario team over many years, we are now beginning to see the fruits of our labor. These scientific discoveries are so important to our understanding of the Universe. Equally, they fulfill life-long dreams for many of us to have participated in this work and enabled it through technology which was developed here in northern Italy. Even more exciting events are yet to come as our technology has been selected for the very large-scale ATHENA X-ray space telescope as well as the technology we have developed for high-speed optical communications in space and advanced optical technologies for flight simulation back here on Earth. Today, we extend our congratulations to the team at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics and our thanks for such a rewarding collaboration.”

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Bosisio Parini - Italy, 08 May 2019

On 25 April, the eROSITA X-ray space telescope reached the Baikonur Cosmodrome for final preparation for the launch with the Proton-M rocket on 21 June. The eROSITA telescope, utilizing seven optical modules supplied by Media Lario each composed of 54 Repli-Formed™ mirrors, was designed and integrated by MPE (Max Planck for Extraterrestrial Physics).

The telescope will perform high resolution sky surveys to find galaxy clusters and supermassive black holes. This video shows the arrival of the 6 tons satellite and its impressive unloading sequence from a huge Antonov cargo airplane.

Media Lario is proud of being part of this new space mission and will soon report on the launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Video of the eROSITA arrival at Baikonur

Bosisio Parini - Italy, 11 April 2019

Media Lario S.r.l. congratulates the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) team for the tremendous achievement of attaining the first image of a black hole as was announced yesterday in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

José Achache, Chairman of Media Lario, commented, “The image is an unprecedented observation that unveils one the most powerful phenomena of the Universe. I am particularly proud to say that Media Lario’s technology has been a key enabler of this great achievement and a great milestone for the company.”

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Bosisio Parini - Italy, 04 April 2019

Media Lario S.r.l. awarded contract by the European Space Agency for X-ray Space Telescope Optics for the Einstein Probe mission of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Bosisio Parini - Italy, 13 October 2018

Article from Corriere della Sera on the 50th Anniversary of the Ruths telescope, the first telescope in the world for optical observations with Aluminium mirrors including Media Lario’s technology selection for the ATHENA X-ray Space Telescope mission.

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Bosisio Parini – Italy, 09 October 2018

Media Lario’s technology for the alignment and integration of the ATHENA X-ray space telescope selected by the European Space Agency for further development.

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Milan - Italy, 14 November 2016

Media Lario S.r.l., a world leader in advanced optical components and systems for space missions, satellite imaging systems and large terrestrial telescopes, announced today that it appointed Dr. José Achache as Director and Chairman of the Board of Media Lario S.r.l..

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Milan – Italy, 14 June 2016

Media Lario presented a paper about the utilisation of its STREEGO Earth Observation Optical Payload in a system for Early Warning from Space at the 4S Small Satellite conference in Malta, 2 June, 2016.

At the recent 4S Small Satellite Conference in Malta on 2 June 2016, Media Lario presented a paper and presentation on how its STREEGO high resolution multi-spectral small satellite payload can be used as a disaster detection and early warning system. The paper describes a new payload concept called HyperSTREEGO which is a combination of high resolution camera (STREEGO) with wide swath, 45° forward looking viewfinder (Panorama) with sophisticated on-board image processing. The instrument is a space-borne autonomous sensor capable of finding ground anomalies (forest fires, floods, land slides, etc.) and of transmitting only the high resolution images of interest.

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Milan – Italy, 20 November 2015

The Large Millimeter Telescope, or LMT, in Puebla, Mexico has been upgraded with Media Lario technology to enable deeper observations into the history of the universe.

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Milan - Italy, 05 November 2015

Media Lario S.r.l. Awarded a Contract to Supply the M2 Secondary Mirror for the Large Millimeter Telescope “Alfonso Serrano” in Puebla, Mexico

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Milan - Italy, 02 September 2015

Media Lario S.r.l. Awarded a Contract to Supply Advanced Optical System Integration for the European Space Agency’s ATHENA X-ray Space Telescope

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Milan - Italy, 17 July 2015

Media Lario S.r.l. Selected to supply primary mirror panels for the first medium size telescope of Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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Milan - Italy, 15 May 2015

Media Lario S.r.l. Announces the appointment of Jeff Lyons as Chief Executive Officer.

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