EUV Lithography


Media Lario designs and manufactures mirrors and optical source collector systems for EUV (soft X-ray) Lithography systems. The application is advanced semiconductor fabrication at sub 10nm transistor sizes (fabrication nodes). Our mirror technology is used to assemble optical collector systems which are characterized by the need to collect and reflect high power levels of light. They are uniquely shaped mirrors, tubular in structure, with demanding optical performance and incorporate Integrated Cooling technology to help dissipate the high power levels. Media Lario has developed technologies for this application, most notably its patented electro-formed mirror process where mirror structures are grown in a coating bath and are characterized by their thinness, thus being light weight, and able to be nested tightly in unique structures for high performance. Cooling structures are integrated at this phased in a similarly unique process.

Media Lario’s experience in soft X-ray Lithography for Semiconductor fabrication includes:

  • 2017 Producing collector optics for multiple customers.
  • 2012 PVD-Ru, 15,000W cooling, for various customers.
  • 2010 PVD Ru, 6,000W cooling, Sn-DPP source, NXE3100 for IMEC and ASML.
  • 2008 Galvanic Ru Xe-DPP source, SFET for Canon and EIDEC.
  • 2007 PVD Ru, 3,000W cooling, Xe-DPP source for Intel and Nikon.
  • 2006 PVD Ru, 1,000W cooling, Sn-DPP source for Philips and ASML.
  • 2005 Galvanic and PVD Ru, 500W cooling, Sn-DPP source for Philips and Intel.