Space Telescopes

Media Lario designs and manufactures mirrors for Space Telescopes. The optical systems of the telescopes are often characterized by the need for light-weight, uniquely shaped mirrors with demanding optical performance. Media Lario has developed technologies for this application including our patented electro-formed mirror process where mirror structures are characterized by their thinness, light weight and high strength.

Our experience in Space Telescopes spans 3 decades:

  • eXTP for CAS
  • Einstein Probe for CAS, ESA
  • ATHENA for ESA
  • eROSITA for MPE – Launching June 2019!
  • XMM Newton for ESA
  • JET-X / SWIFT for NASA
  • Beppo SAX for ASI

Large Terrestrial Telescopes

Media Lario designs and manufactures glass and metallic mirrored panels for large terrestrial telescopes using a laminated structure process in combination with our unique and patented electron-forming process. Typical shape accuracy required is to be within 10 µm (millionths of a meter) over a 2 m² surface. Because of the size of the structures, weight is also a factor and our panels achieve a 10 kg per m² weight density.

Our experience in large terrestrial telescopes includes:

  • Cherenkov Telescope Array - SST-2M (INAF) and CTA MST (DESY)
  • Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) - Mexico (INAOE)
  • Cherenkov Telescope Array - MAGIC I, II (UCLA)
  • ALMA Telescope Array - Atacama, Chile (ESO)
  • IRAM Telescope - Plateau de Bure