Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff joined Media Lario in 2015. Over his career, he has focused primarily on technology commercialization and management in technology related businesses. Jeff’s career began in aerospace working with a group of scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA to develop a high performance optical system which flew aboard the Space Shuttle. His career then shifted to the semiconductor industry where he held a number of marketing and program management roles. During this time, Jeff spent nearly seven years in Asia, managing customer accounts for Silicon Systems (a Texas Instruments company). Subsequently, he managed the account of Cisco Systems for Lattice Semiconductor. More recently, Jeff was the CEO of an Oxford UK based company developing nanometer scale metrology for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Jeff was instrumental in shaping the technology for automated use and in securing commercial engagements with two of the largest semiconductor manufacturing equipment companies. Jeff has earned a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering in Fullerton, California and an MSc in Management from the London Business School as a Sloan Fellow.

Giovanni Bianucci

Giovanni Bianucci, VP Sales & Marketing

Giovanni joined Media Lario in 2005 to work in program and project management for the company’s technology developments for the semiconductor industry. His success earned him a senior role in overall technical marketing and then ultimately to be the VP of Sales and Markleting. Previously, Giovanni worked in photomasks and wafer lithography process engineering in STMicroelectronics and DNP Photomask Europe from 1994 until 2005. This included an assignment at International Sematech in Austin, Texas between for several years as project manager for the development of an advanced electron-beam photomask writer. Giovanni earned a BSc (5-year equivalent) in Electronic Engineering in 1993 from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He has several papers published.

Oberto Citterio

Oberto Citterio, Chief Science Officer

Oberto Citterio joined Media Lario in 2009 . From 1986 to 2009 he was Leader of the X-Ray Optics Group at INAF-OAB. From 2007 to 2009 he was involved in the development of the Simbol-X and e-Rosita optics. He was Chairman of the 2003 SPIE conference on Astronomical UV/X-ray/gamma-ray optics. He made development of x-ray optics based on glass for the space missions. He was the P.I. of the X-ray optics of JET-X on board Spectrum X and XRT on board the NASA SWIFT missions. Up to 2008 he was Member of the Constellation-X FST. He was winner of the Bruno Rossi Prize 2007 in the context of the Swift Team and winner of the Bruno Rossi Prize 1998 in the context of the Beppo SAX Team. He was Member of the XMM telescope working group. He studied and developed innovative x-ray optics for Wide field x-ray telescope and light, large high accuracy x-ray optics. He made development of high energy x-ray optics with multilayer coating. He studied and developed application of SiC to space optics. From 1968 up to 1986 he was researcher at Istituto Fisica Cosmica e Tecnologie Relative-CNR. He was PI of the Beppo SAX X-ray Optic and project manager of the space experiment S88 on board the ESA satellite TD1. He developed the two telescopes interferometry in the infrared and the active 1m mirror demonstrator at ESO. He was project manager for the TIRGO project (1.5 m Infrared telescope at the Gornergrad Observatory). He has participated in working groups for large optical telescopes. He is author of more than 120 publications.

Andrea Maini

Andrea Maini, Chief Financial Officer

Andrea joined Media Lario in 2009 and serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Andrea brings more than 20 years of experience gained in his managerial roles of increasing responsibility in numerous industries. Andrea began his career at Deloitte & Touche (in the Milano office) and has worked for Sopaf, Cifa e Mandelli Industrie . Andrea earned his BSc (5-year equivalent)in Economic & Business Administration at Università Degli Studi in Pavia, Italy.

Giuseppe Valsecchi

Giuseppe Valsecchi, Chief Technical Officer

Giuseppe joined Media Lario in 1993 at its foundation. Holding the role of Chief Technology Officer, he is the reference technical resource for electroforming and other advanced optical component manufacturing techniques. Giuseppe has extensive experience in the aerospace optics industry. During his career he has held engineering and project management positions in the development of X-ray space telescopes (Beppo SAX, Jet-X, XMM, eROSITA), and Nickel and glass reflectors for millimeter and Cherenkov ground-based observatories (IRAM, ALMA, LMT, MAGIC, CTA). He was also responsible for the design, manufacturing, and test of the ROSETTA “Composed Parabolic Concentrators of Grain Impact Analyzer Dust Accumulator” for the European Space Agency (ESA). Before joining Media Lario, he worked for Macdit Italiana, as process engineer for electroforming. Giuseppe earned a BSc (5-year equivalent) in Chemical Engineering in 1988 from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He has more than 20 technical publications.

Fabio Zocchi

Fabio Zocchi, VP of Engineering

Fabio joined Media Lario in 2000. His department is responsible for the design and metrology of the optical systems business as well as for engineering support of the complex optical components business. Previously, he held positions at ST-Microelectronics and Whirlpool Europe. He has about 20 patents and patents applications and has published about 50 papers and conference proceedings. Fabio has earned three MSc degrees including Electronic Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics.