X-ray Space Telescopes

Media Lario designs and manufactures mirrors for X-ray Space Telescopes using a variety of processes and technologies. The optical systems of the telescopes are often characterized by the need for light-weight, uniquely shaped mirrors, often tubular in structure, with demanding optical performance. Media Lario has developed technologies for this application, most notably its patented electro-formed mirror process where mirror structures are grown in a coating bath and are characterized by their thinness, thus being light weight, and able to be nested tightly in unique structures for high performance.

  • 1993   Beppo SAX for ASI 4 mirror modules, 30 mirrors / module, 0.4-2mm thick.
  • 1995   JET-X -> SWIFT for NASA 12 mirrors / module, 0.4 1.5mm thick.
  • 1999   XMM for ESA 3 mirror modules, 58 mirrors / module, 0.5 1mm thick.
  • 2010   NHXM for ASI New mirror process technology development.
  • 2013   EROSITA for MPE 7 mirror modules, 54 mirrors / module, 0.2 0.5mm thick.
  • 2015-17   ATHENA for ESA New X-ray optical system integration.